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Bluetooth connectivity problems

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Guest Wizard

I've a wallet, mobile phone, front from my car stereo, my GPS receiver and my car keys to carry when I go out to the car. For this reason I've avoided buying a Bluetooth headset, but have found lately I need one. So I bought a Jabra BT800, quality is good, it's fairly comfortable (or, as comfortable as a big piece of plastic and metal hanging off your ear lobe can be) but what I can't get my head around is the tortuous process I have to go through to make it work EVERY TIME I GET IN THE CAR

Turn on the Bluetooth headset

Open phone screen (HTC Universal)

Enter my four digit PIN

Click on the tiny tiny tiny icon for Wireless settings

Open the Settings menu

Select Bluetooth Settings

Open the Devices tab

Click on "Jabra 800"

Click Refresh (the display previously shows the headset as connected, but it lies)


Click the tiny weeney checkbox next to "Hands Free"

Click Save

Click OK

I find myself thinking "why the F*** after several years of Bluetooth headsets being around is it so bloody hard to get the damn things to talk to each other?" Call me odd if you like but it seems to me that if they're both switched on, and Bluetooth is enabled on the phone, why isn't a there a dirty great big button marked Handsfree ON/OFF, and NOTHING ELSE? OK, ok, so I'm asking for trouble using a Windows Mobile phone, but are other phones really better? I know others who just don't use their BT headsets for these reasons.

I'm really hoping I'm missing something here. Someone enlighten me?


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