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Is there functioning WM5 for QTEK8020?

Guest late_starter

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Guest late_starter

No idea if I am in the right thread, sorry if I have strayed. I have a QTEK8020 with WM 2003 SE. Is there a version of WM5 which will run on this?

Is my phone a 'Typhoon and Variant'? I just guessed this was the right place to be honest.

Also, I keep my phone book on the SIM but cannot get Active Sync (ver 4.1) to see it at all. So, I can't read the SIM with my PC and back-up data. Transfering the data to the phone has to be done 1 address at a time and even if I move a few over Active Sync cannot find the phone phone-book. I have too many addresses to transfer them all, one at a time. Am I missing something? Thanx for any help.

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