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to Qtek 9000 or not to Qtek 9000?

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i'm having a really tough decision, i just don't know whether to upgrade to a Qtek 9000 or not from my Qtek 2020i (xda2i). i really do love my current ppc phone but having to carry around a bluetooth keyboard is a pain so i mostly resort back to the standard on screen keyboard.

I would like a device that has at least a 400- 520mhz processor and a big screen . i do not want to have to buy other smaller SD cards as i have quite a few standard SD cards already. This device seems to be my only reasonable upgrade from my current ppc phone.

Wm5 seems pretty good from what i have read (i'm running wm2003se). i use my calendar alot along with word,excell, texting phone calls and of course watching movies.

i have also noticed this phone seems like marmite....you either love it or hate it. So could you please give me the pros and cons of this phone that you have discovered no matter how brilliant or silly they are. I have tried going into Orange/T moblie and O2 stores to have a quick play but they never ever have a display model i can mess around with.....

thanks in advance ;)

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