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Backlight comes on, phone kinda freezes?

Guest Tomchap

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Guest Tomchap

Hi guys, modaco is a helpful place so thought id start here, wondered if anyone here can help me out,

My phone is now running the latest orange ROM update:



ROM DATE: 02/24/06



ExtROM VERSION: 1.30.174 WWE

Ive now updated to the new software with PUSH email included. I thought this was going to solve a problem ive been having with my phone.

Ive tried looking on here and no one else seems to be getting the problem.

I have been an SPV over since the classic and I purchased an SPV M5000 around a week ago, it all works fine, except at around 3:30pm - 4:30pm every day, the phones backlight comes on. Apart from today where it happened twice, at 4:30pm and just now at 10pm!

Everything seems normal until i try to look at some text messages and i cannot see them, they are blank. I cannot load anything else up either, programs, click on the OK at the top right.

Ii was curious so i tapped SETTINGS and then MEMORY and the following is displayed:


The slider wont work, and I cannot do anything, so i switch off the device using the normal power button method, no soft resetting or anything, and then put it on again and i get the following screen


I have added the screen shots as file attachments in case there is a problem with the webhosting as they keep upgrading recently!

Now i make sure that there is plenty of program memory free as you can see by the screen shot, there is over 20mb free, so i dont understand why this is happening?

After a soft reset the phones fine. I havent got any extra software loaded, i havent messed around with the ROM settings, the registry of anything, its just been upgraded to the latest orange ROM.

This problem also happened with the previous ROM version so its not because of the latest orange ROM.

Any ideas how to fix it guys? Any help would be really appreciated.

Many thanks.

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