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Straming Orb using TCPMP

Guest bashi007

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Guest bashi007

Hi guys

I'm trying to use TCPMP to stream my videos using ORB, i have tried this registery hack:



String 1

from wmplayer.exe

to "\Program Files\TCPMP\player.exe"

But alll the videos still open with windows media player onmy pocket pc. I'm using TCPMP ver 0.71.

any help would be much appreciated

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Guest rickyburke

have you tried options>settings>file associations in tcpmp?

use the tickboxes there to choose which files tcpmp will open as default, another way i thought might work is to add the the file extension of the type of file you want to use to a blank file, try opening with tcpmp, and set it to alwas use tcpmp to open files of this type, thats just a guess, because i haven't tried it, but the first way should work.

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