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Problems with port spvDuke3d

Guest dukefan3d

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Guest dukefan3d

Heya mates i had Motorola MPX220 with WindowsMobile2003 Second Edition, i was tried

install and play spvDuke3d port (Duke Nukem 3D port) but had some problems.

I just Had this structure

/Storage Card/timidity/instruments/*.pat

/Storage Card/Duke Nukem 3D/ (all files necesary)

Just had 2 problems when tried and reinstall, or blackscreen (i was tried with UsingGapi = 0 and = 1 and

get the same result) or just can enter in the game but when try start a level this crashed.

The game works on my cellphone due i was installed one time and work, just i was a morron and

i was try reinstalled a duke3d.grp from fullversion and dont work anymore.

Im trying again with shareware version but cant get run the game.

Please helpme step by step.

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