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has anyone bought housing from ebay?

Guest hotdog69

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Guest hotdog69

if you have please list seller, price, and what parts are missing.


main housings

emblems (2)

front bezel

camera lens cover

chrome tip with "motorola" imprinted (front)

screw covers

speaker cover with emblem

lcd lense


"sticker" below keypad

rubber pieces: mini-sd cover, headset cover

power button, camera button

battery cover

that's all i can think of right now

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Guest Yorkie2k6

I bougth the black cover from wellcomchina and the only bits that were not included were the headphone cover and the screw covers front and back but it still looks good with the silver covers ;)

only took a week to arrive and has long has you take your time and buy the plastic case separator its not that hard to change. Sorry i can't remember what i paid.

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