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Problems with a C500

Guest Howski

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Guest Howski


Ok on sat I turned off my SPV C 500 to go into a show, the thing is it failed to turn back on after. I took the battery out and replaced it and it turned on straight away, with no buttons pressed. Now when its on I cant unlock the keypad or answer a call. I assume its a key stuck or something. I'me trying to get it apart but I cant get the damm cover around the mini USB ports. Any ideas on a fix? what about getting this damm cover off as I need to sort the dust problem out too.



edit :

Ok so I have my phone apart now. Ok even with the front plate off there is no joy with the key pad. I'm thinking its funked. I've noticed there is some white powder around the connector for the power button and the keypad connector which I assume is corrosion due to some kind of liquid getting in (god knows how) so I'm looking at trying to clean the connectors to help. Anyway again any idea to fix this phone even if it just works for a few weeks.

edit 2:

Ok I cleaned the contacts and everything is working again. The T9 ket is a little dodgy but it was before. Anyway cheers.


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