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How to totally backup a C550 before a hard reset?

Guest shawn1

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Guest shawn1

Ok my C550 is stuck in flght mode, the blue tooth light flashes and of course I cant dial or get any signal.Also when trying to use certain functions I get an error message saying not tusted with a digital certificate type message. Looks like there is no option but to hard reset it. The phone was getting low in memory so I started deleting lots of text messages amd they kept reappaearing as unread etc, and the phone started to behave strangely.Has anybody else heard of this?

Anyway I can sync with active synch ok and back up contacts.But I was wondering if there is something better to totally backup the phone, messages,video notes, photos it. I have heard somebody say sprite backup.Is this the best one?Is it free and where do I download it from?

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