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Charge phone without active sync both PC and Car

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Guest motorolampx200


Yesterday I went to a store to buy a car charger but they wanted to charge me 16 euros. I decided to alter my mini usb cable after reading some on modaco TNX!! and safe some money. How?

Simply solder pin 4 and 5 of the mini-usb (see pic the 2 pins on the right side) together and voila a cable that charges your phone on every usb port even without active sync and if you have a usb car plug (for example if you have gps (personally BT GPS)) you can use the cable to charge the phone in the car!

Here you have a few screenshot of how I did it. Found it very easy to do took me 5 min!!

I took a stanley? Knife and made an incision on the cable see pic. Then gently took of the plastic cover and remove the metal cab see pic (bit blurry). Now it very easy to solder pin 4 and 5. Take a file to make the whole thing flat and close the metal cab. Put back the plastic and tape it together and voila your cable is finished!

Reminder the cable isn




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