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GPS attempt

Guest stargate

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Guest stargate

Greetings! I am trying to create a GPS tracking solution. However I seem to have a small problem with my receiver. No matter what I do it cannot find any satellites. Until I will be able to go with it to the store to get it replaced, I need to find out what receivers are the best when working with smartphones via bluetooth. I am using a SPV C600. I wrote an application that will enable the phone to read NMEA strings from the receiver. I need to see how those strings appear when using receivers with satellites found.

The application can be downloaded from here - http://www.fightersoft.ro/mobile/mts_gps.zip

Follow these simple steps:

1. Extract anywhere on the phone.

2. Launch it and specify the OUTGOING port which is used to communicate with the GPS receiver.

3. Press Options - Start.

In the status area the logging started message will appear. Wait about 30 seconds and press Options - Stop. Exit the application and look in the root folder of your phone ( \ near Windows and Program Files) for gps_log.txt. Please send this file to [email protected]

Note that the application can be launched directly from Windows if you have .NET installed. You can also use pocket pcs. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Guest andylaurence

Have you had any response to this? I've got a web front end that will track my progress, but I need an app for my phone that will read lat/long from my GPS every hour (or whatever), and do a GET request to my server. I'm using Google Maps to plot my location. I'll give your software a shot later.



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