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Vodafone V1640 / aku2 rom update anyone? how?

Guest zippster

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Guest zippster

hi all, just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction, at work we are looking at implementing a push mail solution, already we have 8310's and 9100's running fine with aku2 and pushmail.

the problem were having is that vodafone do not have a rom for their v1640 aka qtek 9000. i have logged onto the qtek site and the dont have an english version of aku2?(weird or am i missing something).

so is it possible to flash the phone with the imate rom? or any other supplier (ie o2) that already supports aku2?

ive tried the imate jasjar rom (jasjar_wwe_13076_164_10900_wwe_ship) but i get an error "error 120: country id error"

any help would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks in advance


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