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T-mobile MDA Pro Phone repairer in toronto?HELP?

Guest vineetmittalny

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Guest vineetmittalny

T-mobile MDA Pro Phone repairer in toronto??HELP????


Hi does one know anyone who repairs T-mobile mda pro ( Universal ) phones in toronto?

I bought this brand new phone 3 weeks back and i dropped the phone by mistake on a carpet.. and the phone refused to start.. i tried resetting the phone it doesnt start.. and the phone doesnt even charge.... i removed the battery and tried to charge it.. i see the Red light glowing which means that its charging.

i removed the battery .. after 3 hours i put the battery back in . the phone started to charge for like 2 mins and then stopped again..

i took this phone to a repairer who said that the battery is drained out.. i new a brand new battery.

I bought a brand new battery (( Rating 3.7 vdc WITH 1600 MaH AND 4.2 VDC ) the only difference between original battery and this battery is the original is 1620 MAH and rest specs are same.. the guy said this battery will work with my phone..

with my new battery the phone doesnt even charge.. with the old battery the phone charges for 2 mins and then stops..

Can anyone tell me who repairs mda pro ( universal ) phones in CANADA TORONTO.. please help me.

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Guest Confucious

Can't help you with a repair centre but I think your problem lies with the battery - I don't know what you bought but the different rating means it's not an original. Buy a proper Universal battery and try that. Modern batteries have all sorts of electronics in them and if your replacement didn't I'm not suprised it didn't work.

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