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Should I keep my mini s or take the MDA Pro

Guest ceanth

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Guest ceanth

Hi all, I have currently have an XDA Mini S however my brother recently purchased the MDA Pro and hes looking at selling it to get a mini s.

Now to save all the hassel hes willing to take my old mini S for his brand spanking new MDA Pro, but im not sure whether the mda pro is for me.

Currently I mainly use my phone as an mp3 player, had to buy the headphone converter of course, but thats the main thing, i did use to enjoy reading ebooks from it as well, sometimes stream mp3s off my PC too. I do alot of calls and text messages but the size of the mda pro wouldnt really bother me that much long as i can get a belt clip case.

Few things tho, with the mda pro if you have the screen facing inwards and you get a call, can you quickly flip it over and have a look at who is calling you? Also i noticed that it doesnt have to two selector buttons but I use the buttons alot and customed them for task manager, noticed on his mda pro you have a voice and what looks like a light button, what exactly does the light button do?

im really in two minds whether to keep the mda pro, he hasnt even given it a charge yet so i cant really play with it.

Are there any horizontal belt clip cases avaliable for it? How good is the screen compaired to the mini s? Does the phone crash often or is it idential to the mini S? And is there any light indication to when you get a message/miss call wile the screen is flipped over? Also i heard that the mda pro doesnt support wireless G, will that be a big issue? What other disadvantages would i notice if i took the mda pro compaired to the mini s?

what do you guys recommend?

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