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Onspeed for Mobiles......

Guest Liz

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Hi all

Has anyone tried Onspeed for mobiles


on their MPX220? If so, how did you set it up? I tried downloading it but got a *not compatible* message. So I mailed them...they replied :

"The model is supported, it may be that your phone does not have the Java Midlet manager installed and this will be the reason as to why you are not able to install the software, if you could check to see if this is installed, if not you may need to consult the mobile phone provider for guidance of the installation for the Java Midlet manager."

Pointless getting on to O2 (they dont support the MPX) so how would I get the Java Midlet manager?? :) And.... any ideas if its worth it? My connection is *really* s l o w......

Ta! :)


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