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C500 and Bluetooth MP3 PLayer

Guest jimw13uk

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Guest jimw13uk

I have a C500 and a Sony Ericsson HBM-30 Bluetooth MP3 Player. On my old phone the HBM30 paired ok with it and then when a call came in the phone would transfer the call to the mp3 player and pause the music. I could then press the answer key on the mp3 player and talk to the person via that - so never having to touch the phone. The music would auto stop on connection of the call and then restart when i hung up.

Now with the c500 none of this happens - the pairing is fine if i do it manually each time and i get a little headset logo appear on the front screen but calls still ring on the phone and wont patch through

any ideas on how to solve this - or if it is solveable

Plus i have to do the pairing manually - again on the old phone when i switched the mp3 player on the phone beeped and recognised the player and auto set itself to headset mode. The c500 doesnt auto recognise the player - i have to do it manually.

Its probably all settings that i havent got right but some help would be great


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