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Number 2 key broke

Guest rico14d

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Guest rico14d


My number 2 key is broke on my c500 and it is making phone use absolute hell.

Ive had the phone completely apart but can't see anything broken.

Is there any way to map another button (camera button ?) to the 2 key?

Im tired of using @ for A, 8 for B and k/s for c!!!



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Guest craig4wd

I've got a similar problem with my right soft key. At the moment I am using XBAR from Xtranet which has a macro function. I press and hold the action key to bring up xbar and then select a macro that I wrote (Xbar has instructions) that pushes the button for me. Gets me around most problems but I would prefer to simply remap the key to a less used button.

The other thing I have is Microsoft Powertoys (you can download for free) and there's a tool to remotely control the phone while it's activesynced and you can use your keyboard to press the buttons. The keys (as far as I can tell) are

ESC - Backspace

F1 - Left Softkey

F2 - Right Softkey

0-9 numbers

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