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Big problem with MPX220

Guest Bimm3r

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I bought a Moto MPX220 , win2003 powered :) it's network locked, it was branded, but i installed a firmware versiun that is unbranded (v 1.43). The problem is when i try to modify the values in the registry editor, it doesn't let me. It says "unable to complete the operation" Example: i want to change the rag value in hklm/security/policies/policies/00001005 when i click and i want to change it from 16 to 40, it says the message "unable to complete the operation" I also thried to unlcok it with "HTC Unlock" and didn't work... what should i do ? I ran out of ideas ;)

PS - don't tell me to pay at any site to unlcok it because i don't have a credit card :)

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