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MPx220 and ActiveSync via Bluetooth

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Hey everyone. Wanted to ask the opinion of some experienced BT'ers around here about syncing my MPx220 via bluetooth.

A little backstory:

Last night my phone had an unfortunate fall into some water. It was only for a second but some water got in nevertheless. I let everything dry out and I'm happy to say that it still works - speakers, sim card, keypad, etc. Unfortunately the phone seems to have reset itself with a clean format of sorts. All my tweaks and programs that were on there are now gone. No problem though - I can get that all back in due time. I have discovered that I'm not able to sync via USB cable any longer. I managed one time to have the phone sync and I got all my contacts and tasks from Outlook back on the phone, but after that I've been out of luck getting the phone to show in Windows. I end up with a "USB device malfunctioned" error when I connect it once again. I'm assuming that the water has done something to sync'ing via USB cable.

How do people feel about sync'ing via Bluetooth? Is it a fairly easy process? If the USB cable won't work right now I thought I'd take advantage of the BT feature. I know my BT still works b/c I was able to re-add my HS810 headset as a hands-free device.

By sync'ing via BT, I am assuming that I am still going to be able (when the computer and phone are connected) to browse into the phone and move files around, copy pictures and so on, etc. Is that still correct? I would think that BT would allow for it instead of just via the cable, but I thought I'd ask. I've learned that the obvious thoughts aren't always correct when it comes to Motorola.

Any help on my questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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