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Paragon Software release Handy Weather for Smartphone

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest Paul (MVP)

[teaser]Paragon Software have today announced the release of 'Handy Weather' for Windows Mobile based Smartphones.

In their own words:

Your smartphone starts keeping you organized on the go. Handy Weather software for Windows Mobile-based Smartphone will keep you connected with updated forecast anytime and anywhere.

All you need is Internet connectability to get weather news and forecast for 40 000+ preset cities worldwide and for any arbitrary location by coordinates (latitude and longitude). No more complicated menus to scroll through to find the info you need. Just add Handy Weather to your Home screen and enjoy exact weather forecast. You will wonder how you ever got by without it!


Most detailed description of weather conditions:

  • High and low day temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Weather type images (clouds, sun, etc.) and description (for example, Partly sunny)
  • Real feel (Rf) temperature (what temperature really feels like)
  • Wind direction, gust and speed in mph, km/h or m/s
  • UV index (the sun's ultraviolet intensity level)
  • Amount of day precipitations in in, cm or mm


    Plan more efficiently with Handy Weather software for Windows Mobile-based Smartphone and be prepared for anything Mother Nature has in store.


    More features for your comfort:

    • Weather forecast just from your Home screen
    • Detailed forecast for several locations you've selected.
    • Automatic updates. You can set to update weather forecast in a certain interval (4, 8, 12 or 24 hours) or at preset time. Weather forecast will be automatically downloaded on your phone, no matter if Handy Weather application is running or not.
    • Three handy and good-looking views: 5-day weather forecast, detailed one-day forecast, 5-day high and low temperature graph
    • Variety of supported Internet connections: GPRS, Wi-Fi or using Desktop computer
    • Multilingual interface: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish
    • [/teaser]


      To get weather forecast you should have enabled Internet connection. Handy Weather supports different Internet connections: GPRS, Wi-Fi or Internet connection from your Desktop computer with help of ActiveSync program.

      Note: The traffic generated by Handy Weather application for Windows Mobile-based Smartphone is very low. It is only 2 Kb per city forecast per download.


      You can use Handy Weather application during 14 days demo period. Then you will need to purchase one-year subscription to the weather service. For saving you time we provide new ways of purchasing and registering Handy Weather for Windows Mobile-based Smartphone. Now you will not need searching the product on the web, you can purchase Handy Weather just from your device. To do this, go to Menu->Subscription->Buy now.

      New way of registering: after purchase you do not need to check your mail, writing down and entering by hand the registration code, so all you need is going to Menu->Subscription and enter the e-mail, you have used for purchase. Of course, you can enter here received registration code too.

      After one year you will need to renew your weather service subscription at our web site.

      Supported devices

      All Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Smartphone and Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone devices.

      Scoot on over to the Handy Weather Homepage for more details, I think it looks pretty slick and will be giving it a try... the only downside I can see to the application is the annual subscription model for the actual weather data :)


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Guest scottb

Well, you had me going until I read the word "subscription"--I was on my way... I have no problem paying for good software, but I'm not paying a subscription for a weather forecast. Oh well, I'll just stick with ConnectedBits for now--it's free.

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Guest SeventySix

I think this is a very useful application.

I've installed it on my O2 XDA IQ and graphically it's very appealing. The interface is easy to use and the option of viewing the next five days' forecast as a graph is very handy.

But what will almost certainly get me paying for it is that it has a very large dbase of locations and includes some very obscure (but handy) ones (which I don't find mainstream weather web sites) such as the Aitutaki atoll where I'm getting married later this year.


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Guest mad3963

I, too, purchased Handy Weather. It is a great application, but I have ran into a HUGE issue with it and am just about to give up on it altogether.

It installed fine and was on my Q for a couple months, working fine, until I did the Software Update and, as a result of, had to do a Master Reset. It re-installed fine and accepted the Registration Code with no problem, until...I tried to update the weather data, it then told me the software had previously been installed on another device! In actuality the "other device" was the same device, prior to the Update and Master Reset.

I explained all of this to Paragon Support. I just got a response back from them, after more than a month, offering to allow me to re-purchase it at 75% off ($3.74). As cheap as that is, I have already purchased it once and refuse to pay for it again, no matter how low the cost.

The rest of the dozen or so registered apps I had to re-install, worked without a hitch.

I responded to their response stating I will NOT pay again. Now waiting on their response. Another month or so I'm guessing.

I'll keep you posted.

BEWARE! :rolleyes:

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