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new AKU2s Ext_ROM

Guest dave106

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heres what i made of it, starred ones are the ones I installed. Not on T-mobile so didnt install the GPRS/MMS connection stuff.



EXEC:\Extended_ROM\cusTSK.exe \Windows\T-Mobile.tsk

* CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP_EmailWizDB_PPC_TMOUK_060216.CAB - adds email preset to wizard

* CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP-Shorcut-MMS1-JAVA6XX-CV-VOICE-EmailWiz-TMO-051215.CAB - shortcuts for java,clearvue,wizard,voice dial

CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP_Customization_TMUK_Charmer(AKU2.0)_060414.CAB - sets up mms settings, different default save locations of some media types, and adds profiles for gprs monitor

* CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP_PictureVideo_reg_signed.CAB - not sure

* CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP_SmartDialing_enable_0915_signed.CAB - enable smartdialling

* CAB: \Extended_ROM\MP_CVSDcpl_20060220.cab - adds voice tag control panel

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_BeepModeLongtones_TMAT_CHM_20402101.CAB - tones to long on phone settings

* CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_BrowserPerformance.CAB - increase maxserverconnection and threadrequest on pIE

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_BrowserSetting_TMUK_CHM_20402102.CAB - add tmobile crap to pie, default home page etc

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_Connection_TMUK_CHM_20602102.cab - tmobile gprs settings

* CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_Customize_TMUK_CHM_20402102.CAB - sets time zone, adds a setting to commgr

* CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_DiscoButton_8.sa.CAB - disconnect button for gprs

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_GPRS_PAP.CAB - auth changed to PAP for gprs

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_NoGPRSAutoattach.CAB - stops gprs staying connected [G]

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_RingInitVol_3.CAB - changes default ring vol

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_SecurityPolicy_TMEU_CHM.CAB - changes a bunch of policies under security in reg

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_ShowSIM_0_Signed.CAB - hides sim contacts

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_StreamVideoConnectVia_TMUK_CHM_20402102.CAB - sets streaming video to tmobile network

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_STK_TMO.CAB - stk but with tmob logo

* CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_UA_TMOEU_CHM_20602101.CAB - adds a profile for browser id

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_UXC_TMOUK_CHM_20602102.CAB - contains tmob replacement icons, changes all sounds to tm ones, install today plugin, installs softkey panel

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PT_WrlsMgntShortcut_TMO_CHM_20602101.cab - removes 'wireless manager' (which i couldnt find installed anyway?)

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_EnableCOPSManual2ManualAutoMode-0.CAB - disables copsmanual2manual auto mode, whatever that is

CAB: \Extended_ROM\PP_ExtVersion.CAB - sets an ext rom ver in reg


RST: Reset

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