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Best of the Best - Top Software Picks

Guest Iteki

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Guest Iteki

Would love to hear what everyones top software pics are. Could also be a good resource for new users like myself if we put it together nice and neatly :) Can I suggest that if you are mentioning a software for the first time you say what it is for, and perhaps even provide a link to its page? Could also perhaps ask for tips at the same time, what you think?

I can start :) I don't have ten, and these are mainly thanks to mandt in an earlier thread, but it should get the ball rolling.

1) Total Commander

File explorer, ftp client, registry editor, send by IR (not bluetooth tho), make links, etc.

2) TCPMP (The Core Pocket Media Player)

Video player, bout the only one you would been best I can tell!

As far as requests, I wonder what is the "must have" paint program, and a good telnet program (pocket putty seems a bit "meh" ?)

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