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free international calling from mobile

Guest davejphartley

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Guest davejphartley


I came across a great way to dial international numbers using a mobile access number. im not sure if im able to advertise this but if you google it you will find it.

It means dialling an mobile number which your network "should" recognise as a normal uk mobile and therefore you will get it inclsive on your free minutes plan. Then you simply dial the international number.

My question is: I want to store this number in my phone. But I cant get a pause between the access number and the international number. Anyone know how to do this on the vario?



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Guest Pigo

good question! :)

just tried holding down * & # but neither worked... tried looking bit further but can't seem to find out how.. I dow have a number that allready is saved with a pause in it... but that was with my ericsson t68i a couple of years ago.

Pigo.... curious if anybody knows this.

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Guest rockykabir

Done a quick search on google and found this:


(it is a PDF file - look in page 11)

now, it is for smartphones (not windows mobiles) but its principle might be used (i.e. you have to get the "w" in there). I haven't tried this on the Vario yet as it is not with me....lemme know how it goes :)

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