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Star Ratings for WMP 10?

Guest pndragon

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Guest pndragon

Hello all.

My ONE and only gripe with WMP 10 for the SMT5600 is that as far as I know, you can't edit the star ratings on music files.

I synchronize my phone's music to my wmp10 on my pc and do so by using the star rating system.

I have over 90 gigs of music so the star rating system was a blessing in helping me figure out what songs I loved best and wanted to take with me everywhere I go. So I made the phone sync up based on whatever songs had 5 stars rated.

Now the drawback to this is that whenever I hear a song on my phone that I get tired of and want to remove it - i have to remember to lower the star rating on my home pc but I allways forget by the time I get home.

If I could change the ratings of the songs on the phone itself to something less than a 5, then when I sync again at home the song should automatically be removed.

Does anyone know how to edit the star ratings on the SMT5600 version of WMP10?

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