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Interference on headset?

Guest Gamer X

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Guest Gamer X

Hi all,

Just receive my SMT 5600 (c500 eq.) a short while back, absolutely loving it!

Really annoying problem though: When using the included 2.5mm stereo headset during a call, the speakers buzz with the same sound you hear if the cell is too close to the TV! This is really interfering with my calls. Is there a workaround for this problem, or is the headset just too poorly designed to have hope of fixing?

I can't get a BT headset; first off no $$, and also I would lose it :) (or sit on it...)

Anybody have the same problem, maybe found a solution?

BTW, I work in a small office with 5+ computers running, if that might be part of the cause... though it never happened with my old phone's headset.



Gamer X

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