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I bought a used ("like new") Cingular-branded Audiovox SMT5600 online, not realizing that the description noted "No Bluetooth hardware is installed on this device". When I finally noticed it (after the item had been shipped), it was too late.

I got the phone today and Application and SIM Unlocked it right away (succesfully!). I then tried and tried to get the Bluetooth to work, but whenever I select it (or Bluetooth settings), i'm told there is no Bluetooth Hardware installed.

I Googled it and all I could find were people suggesting I hard-reset it. I hard-resetted the phone successfully (at least 3 times), but still no Bluetooth. I'm considering flashing the Rom on it (to either AT&T, WM2005, or Rogers rom) but i'm worried I may screw up the phone in the process.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on how I may be able to get the Bluetooth to work on this phone which ships from the factory with Bluetooth hardware installed? I'm convinced it's a software issue but maybe i'm wrong?

Using Cingular branded phone (and Cingular Rom):



Microsoft: 4.21.15045.0


Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks.

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Anyone have ANY suggestions at all for me?

I need to check if it's a bad rom or bad hardware. Anyone know of a way I can verify this (with an app maybe)?

I'm open to any/all suggestions!

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Guest exodus187

How are you trying to use your bluetooth? When you activate it you should see a blue light flashing in the LED, that indicates that bluetooth is active.

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Guest awarner (MVP)

I have heard of the error appearing on the phone before about the hardware not being installed.

Ask the seller for some more background information on how this fault developed as a hard reset should cure any problems.

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