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Cleaning M3100 Screen

Guest mbeattie

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Guest mbeattie

Hello u wonderful bunch of people,

Am sorry if there is already a topic started about this, i did a few searches on the site but could find anything.

Whats the best way to clean the smudges off the M3100 screen. is it worth a screen protector or is that over rated. seems to be everyone has problems putting a screen protector on and get trapped dust that scratch away at the screen

Its my first pocket pc as iv always gone with smartphones and am paranoid i might dull or damage the screen through time if i use screen wipes or screen protectors

Thanks in advance

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Guest simonclark123

I always buy a screen protector.

On both my M500 and M600, I've used Martin Fields screen protectors (bought through oman666 on ebay)and been very happy with them.


Simon Clark

Business Telecoms

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Guest scoobytwo

i used a screen protector on my m500. ive ordered another for my m3100. i went through loads of leather cases for my m500 but they all just added to hastle if i was walking down the street, listening to music and someone called.

so i now just keep my phone in a jacket pocket with nothng else. id always go for a screen protector. you must have scratched you mobile phone screen before? the scratch will never go away. with a screen protector on you can just peel it off and by a new one.

they dont look as good as the phone would without one. its near immpossible to get them on with out 1 bit of dust under it. it all depends if you plan on using a case all the time.

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