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M3100 Sample Pictures

Guest Fully

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Here's a few shots taken earlier to test out some of the camera functions. The scroll wheel allows you to flick between normal shot, panorama etc. which is handy. Overall the screen is good enough to frame an image except for in direct sun or using the panorama mode, the overlay it displays is just too faint. Image quality is good for close up use, scenic shots don't come out too well although there may be a mode I'm missing. Macro shots are quite impressive & don't seem to suffer too much from blur.

Whilst the camera app was open the phone picked up a wireless lan, popped up the usual message and sent the camera app into the background someplace. The camera app then refused to open until I turned the phone off/on due to the camera being "In use", I'll try to reproduce elsewhen.

Anyways, click the image for the full sized version.

Macro Shot


"Normal" mode shot, no changes to settings


Macro Shot 2, full sun


Standard shot, doesn't seem to handle distances too well which gives a bit of an oil-painting effect


Lame attempt at a panorama, sun made the screen hard to see/match previous section.



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Guest rickwookie

These pictures are great! Where did you take them?

This is obviously a massive improvement over the lense/sensor used on previous HTC devices.

BTW aren't the blackberries out early this year! I though they were supposed to come out in the autum but I'm seeing them all over the place.

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Guest Wozbacca

i was impressed with the white page/black text situation...

see here

its quite handy if you want a photo copy of something

i also installed the scanr software that converts it to a pdf, works fine

the camera is definitely a massive improvement over previous htc phones

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