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m3100 ....custom install

Guest J273

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Ive just hard reset my m3100 and have done a soft reset at the startup to bypass the orange extended rom.

Then i used the Show extended rom cab thinking there would be seperate cabs for the video calling ,mms .etc but it looks asthough orange as grouped alot of the cabs together......so say if i install the mms cab it also installs the orange today screen thingy.

Ive also noticed if i dont install anything from the extended rom then there is no video calling and is missing a few things.

Is it possible to use say the extended rom for say a Tytn or a dopod 838 ?

will this install the same stuff that the m3100 will but without the branding which i dont want

Any ideas

If you get what i mean :D


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Guest jimbouk

If it is just the branding you dont want, change the today screen to one of the windows ones that it comes with and unclick the Orange Item. Hey Presto No Orange homescreen.

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