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Wi-Fi finally works

Guest stattman

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Guest stattman


Got the M3100, and Ive been struggling to get Wi-Fi working for the last few days (intermitent outages, unable to connect, etc). Messed about with router settings, etc. Then I found a "power" option Performance vs. Power.

If its cranked all the way to Performance, then presto, works, and ITS FANTASTIC!!! The speed of internet explorer. All I need it to do, is to make the coffee ;-) So hopefully this comes in helpful if anyone else is having similar issues.

Looking for some English to Italian translation software before I go on holiday. Any suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks... and good to see this forum for all the new 3100 owners :D)



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Software for translation, yes. Net for translation, NO!

If you're on Orange for GOD'S SAKE turn off your GPRS/3G stuff before you hit a network on the other side of your plane journey!!

Plenty of software for translation if you're prepared to get your wallet out! :D Which I'm not.

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