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One more chance

Guest zen123

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Guest zen123

OK I've had my SPV 3100 since Saturday morning. It took me until late Saturday night to get the sim activated. Unknown to me the GPRS also needs to be activated separately.

So I call Orange again on Sunday. Took ages again but the girl says I will receive text, blah blah. All Sunday no text. I call again on Monday & again this morning, but still waiting for GPRS to be activated.

If thats not sh@t service I don't know what is.

On top of that I've had the phone not waking up from sleep mode after charging it. The green light flashes but pressing any button is useless needs to be reset.

Also I got the strange issue in that when I make a call I get no sound from the earpiece or speakerphone even though it says connected on the screen & the other party is frnatically yelling hello, hello as I've been told. But when I hang up & try again after a few attepts it works fine. :D :D

This morning I logged on to wifi to check my email...no problems there, it downloaded everything. But after typing out 12 replies with the little keyboard, which is excellent I must say, & hit send then I get the notification disconnected unable to send & receive emails please check your settings or something to that effect. What bugs me is that it was working fine yesterday & I not changed or altered anything.

Anyway I'll give it one more chance done a hard reset now & if this thing doesn't work properly in after this its will definately be making its way back to Orange.

I've only got Fizz Traveller & a few of Pauls Hermes must have freebies loaded on the device.

Oh & Orange still haven't activated my GPRS.

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Guest jimbouk

Turning the phone off for an hour and then back on usually speeds up the sms updates (I guess cos your device registers on the network and it notices it has an update queued for you).

The email over wifi issue: Could you browse the web? And have you slid the power slider all the way over to performance?

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Guest filipv

exactly the same problem here...still waiting for orange to enable my new sim. I contacted them twice already and sent an email and waiting for reply. No problem with sound here. I did have the no wakeup but i think that was due to agile messanger ....it seems ok atm.

Got my phone last thursday ...still no SIM update.

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