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Tom Tom Mobile 5 on the M3100 & Tytn

Guest Fozza

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Hi just recieved my new M3100 today.

Trying to put my purchased vopy of Tom Tom Mobile 5 onto it.

Transfered the files accross onto the 2GB MicroSD card and booted up.

Went to start to install Tom Tom. Then stopped after asking if I wanted to install the software warning appeared.

Now It won't autorun.

Have tried wiping everything of the card putting it in. Taking it out copying Tom Tom onto it again and putting it back in the device.

Autorun has never reappeared after the first try.

Is there something in the registry that is stopping it.

All help greatfully received.



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Guest Pondrew

Hate to say it but TomTom Mobile 5 being the Smartphone version won't run at all well on your Pocket PC Phone, if at all! That's because Pocket PCs are meant to run the TomTom Navigator version...

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Guest FragMeister

You might be lucky in that for the new version of tomtom, TomTom Navigator 6, they have converged the PDA/Mobile versions into a single product.

You would need to pay the upgrade price, but i expect this would be much cheaper than buying the whole software all over again...

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