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Noreve case for Tytn now available

Guest robt

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Just had an email from Noreve to tell me their case for the Tytn and derivatives is now available. I can vouch for the quality of their cases, I have one for an Iriver mp3 player and the fit and finish is superb.

However, they do say that removal is required to use the keyboard :D

Haven't decided yet if this is the case for me as Ive got used to the supplied case and the style (landscape / book) seems to work well and is less obtrusive than the belt hanger on your side!

I can say that these are top notch cases and no one would be disappointed by the quality.



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Guest Nox_UK

I am after a 'full surround' case to protect mine, will probably be a few months before I see one on the market though, also not entirely too sure how they would work with the keyboard. But if you see one, let me know :D


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