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I want My M3100

Guest gcarte

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Guest gcarte

I have been having loads of problems with Orange of the couple of weeks trying to get out my phone upgrades. :D :D

Started on Friday 11th August, phoned up orange CS asked to upgrade my phone (M5000) and GF phone (nokia 6280), to M3100 & SE K800i, also said that I wanted to change my talk plans at the same time, got told not a problem sir sure we can help you out with what you want. Well I got offered both the phones for free on 12-month contracts and told they will be delivered on the following Tuesday 15th. Then I said what about changing the talk plans, this is where the not so great times started. Got told I will have to transfer you to another department to do this, got transferred and got told sorry sir we cant change your talk plans for another 6 MONTHS due to just upgrading your phones.

Well to say the least I was not very happy, got told the only way I could change my talk plans was to not accept delivery of the phones on Tuesday and to ring up on Friday 18th to order my new phones and change my talk plans. Well it

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