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Hermes/WM5 Profiles

Guest julianmclean

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Guest julianmclean

Ok, the Vario II is my first foray into PocketPC from Smartphone previously and also into WM5. Am I being really stupid or does the Profiles functionality not exist in this OS? Now that the Vario II has me connected to everything all time, it is buzzing every 2 seconds to tell me I have new mail, sms, reminder, someone has logged in to MSN, etc, etc!

I know I can adjust some of the ways notifications and events happen, but really I would like to be able to setup a few profiles for different usage modes - e.g.. work, personal, night time with different settings applied for each, just vibration/noise control would be good, but turning on off push mail, wi-fi, etc would also be good.

In fact, if there was then an app which could switch between profiles at different times or when logging on to different mobile cells (I remember something on my old SE P800 used to be able to do this) then I could be connected at work, semi connected evening/weekends, and disconnected at night without having to lift a finger.

Anyone know how I can get profiles on my Vario II, and if so, how can I switch between easily?

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