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1500mAh replacement battery

Guest PaulOBrien

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Guest fluffcat1
Might be interesting, a slight boost on the standard 1350mAh perhaps?



I'd think twice about a non-gen sino battery in future. I got a batch of 50 x ipod 3rd gen batts that *didn't fit* as they'd mounted the charge circuit to the side of the battery instead of the top so it was too long to go into the recess in the ipod. It took 10 + emails with pictures until I finally cut one open and compared it to an apple genuine unit before they'd believe me....the tabs weren't long enough to re-site the charge circuit and they don't look like any other batt I know so were useless to me.

I eventually got some more at no cost but it was like pulling teeth out. Imagine how someone who only bought 1 battery would get treated! - their refund policy is you pay return postage and don't get your popstage refunded meaning you give the battery back for nothing :D

The seller Paul listed is in the UK but many aren't and they all sell the same Cameron Sino batteries.


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