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sad news from Vodafone

Guest holgmaster

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Guest holgmaster

well, today was decission time. Vodafone had released their new price plans. even though those are a bit more flexiable, they do NOT include any options for data you can choose. basically, depending on the price plan you choose, you can have points to choose additional extras such as mobile tv etc... which will take up certain points. no data packages are offered and the sweet and friendly girl at Vodafone ( quie cute and good looking ) said many times sorry but the new data add ons are dur end of October or November.

So me off to T-Mobile, got felxt 35 and W&W on business plan and 9.99 for the Vario II.

so far, i like the Vario II much more than the V1605 which goes back to vodafone tomorrow.

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