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itech s35 problems (bluetooth)

Guest louisw

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I am sure this is the wrong forum. However, I am trying to pair my S35 (itech) clip with my Vario II. Each time I turn on the s35 (by holding the MFB button) the light is solid blue. The only way to stop it is to reset.

I know I should be getting a flashing blue and also, if I hold it down for 10 seconds I should get the Red/Blue alternating to pair it.

Anyone run into this issue?

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Guest jimbouk

Are you doing the "holding it down for ten seconds" whilst it is on or off?

I don 't know the itech's system but some only do the pairing from off, rather than on.

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I had this problem once.

I had to reset the itech to factory default and that sorted it. this means repairing all your devices.

Not had it since and been using the itech for about 3 weeks now

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