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t mobile coverage

Guest john.-h

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well there is a coverage map on their site but its completely out of date as it says I'm not meant to have 3g reception and in reality I have 100% reception

compared to O2 and orange I'd say its quite good better if you count that their 3g reception is a hell of a lot more widespread than orange

so I would not have thought you would have to worry.

where are you based anyway if in a reasonable sized city then you definitely don't have to worry if countryside then your still probably ok


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Guest jimbouk

Errrmm...it is fairly well discussed here and elsewhere that O's 3g coverage is better than T's - even if O's HSDPA isn't switched on yet. But as Jeremy says most major cities have good coverage now and a previous poster elsewhere who works for a 3g cell installer says that they are both doing loads of feasibility studies (the precursor to installing more sites).

O2's is just about the worse - 2g, 3g etc etc

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Well that might be true but it's not been my experience. However, that might just be Portsmouth (and Beckenham)

In Beckenham they've just put up a new T Mobile mast outside my grandmothers house so the reception is amazing and has full 3G coverage, while Orange and O2 have only one bar of reception. According to the coverage map on Orange's and O2's site the coverage is meant to be full 3G reception. But ive had to stand by the window on the top floor just to be able to place a call and send texts. So my point is that their coverage maps are lying. while t-mobiles is probably just out of date but accurate where they say they have reception.

This holds true for travelling up and down to Leicester from London via train T-mobile holds the signal most of the time while O2 and orange dont and keep saying no signal most of the time


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