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Editting stuff in \Windows\?

Guest Kage

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I read many threads about editting the things inside \Windows\ but the things go back to default after i soft reset.

Many people say it must be unlocked, and i tried unlocked my phone using registry editor, SDA Unlocker and with the Cert.cab all it does is juz allows me to install unsigned programs. :D

Using Dopod 585(Amadeus) similiar phone with SDA Music and Qtek 8100.

Pls help


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Guest Toyota-F1.com

I think all contents of the \Storage\Windows folder is reset every time the phone is restarted. However, I THINK, their may be an application that prevents this (I remember reading something like people making skins for Windows Media Player, and this reset every time the phone was restarted, and I think an application was made to prevent this).

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