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GPS question on M3100/data loss

Guest rossy

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Hi all

Very excited..... have managed to get Orange to upgrade me for free to an SPV M3100, and should get it sometime this week (once back in stock).

My wife has just bought an MDA Compact II (Pink of course!!), and got the Copilot s/w and GPS with it.

I am more of a Tom Tom fan myself, so was wondering..... if I managed to get hold of a copy (legally of course!- Im thinking ebay) of the Tom Tom software.... would the CoPilot GPS receiver (bluetooth) work with it on my SPV?

Also, can someone please tell me if the 3100 suffers full data loss if you let the battery run out? If anyone also knows if this will be the case on my wifes MDA CII, please let me know also.

Thanks loads..... don't know what I'd do without Modaco!!!!!

PS - does SPV come with a screen protector in the box?

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Guest jimbouk

Most BT GPS receivers work fine with the 3100 - havent heard of someone using the copilot with tomtom software though.

WM5 devices do not suffer from full data loss (whereas WM2003se devices do) but I would avoid running the battery down as a) WM5 is a pain to restart with a flat battery - due to the fact that WM5 manages the charging and hates a completely flat battery and :D as its really bad for these sorts of batteries to run right down anyway.

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