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T-Mobile Dash (HTC Excalibur)

Guest Alex (nedge2k)

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MoDaCo member (name removed at member's request) has let us know that the HTC Excalibur will be comming to T-Mobile USA under the name "Dash". He also informs us that the firmware for this device will include the ability to scroll down through the program menu instead of having to press the more button! :D


  • OMAP850 200Mhz CPU
  • 128MB Flash
  • 64MB RAM
  • QVGA Landscape Display

Many thanks, (name removed at member's request)!

UPDATE: Picture after the jump!



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This is great news!!

Is there any timeline for release with T-Mobile USA???

I was looking at an MDA, but would like the pocketability of this thing......

My local T-Mo store told me October 16th is the day for US release. One of the sales guys already had one. Very slick toy. :rolleyes:

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