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Hermes Breaks Bluetooth Conection to GPS when using a BT headset

Guest Fozza

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I'm using the following configuration.

Tom Tom Navigator 5 (newly bought)

Solar Bluetooth SIRFSTAR III 20 Channel GPS Receiver (on com 4)

Motorola Bluetooth headset HT 820 (Wireless Stereo Bluetooth heads)

The headphones support Handsfree, Wireless Stereo (A2DP) and headset.

Without fail whenever the phone rings the headset switches on and the Tom Tom loses

connection with the GPS receiver.

What can i do????

The phone must be able to have two connections at the same time!



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Guest jimbouk

They should be able to co-exist. Its not a 3100 issue. My Jabra BT headset and Copilot GPS work together fine, ie Copilot continues to navigate correctly whilst I talk via the headset.

Dont know if your GPS or headset use different channels/settings to others?

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