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Best Apps to buy for Vario 2

Guest mma godlike

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Guest mma godlike

Hey all.

I want to use my MDA V2 to its full potential and want to know what is the best software to purchase from the users themselves. It could be ANYTHING - anything useful! We have a fantastic sticky with free essential free software, so I thought lets have one for essential software to purchase!

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SPB Pocket Plus

SPB Diary

SPB Backup

all very very worthwhile expecially Pocket Plus

Opera (very popular around here however ive found i dont need it with pocket plus as i can now have multiple PIE windows open)

For me the rest are just games related

But im sure others will chip in!!


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Guest Syphon Filter

SPB Diary - Excellent today plugin for PIM data.

SPB Pocket plus - too much to list check at the SPB website. VERY worthwhile though, it has a close button utility which I find brilliant.

SKTools - if you are into your tweaking.

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Guest marisa4755

I've coloured red, what I consider 'must have' software on my machine

SBSH Pocket Breeze

Shows the contents of Diary, Messages, Notes, Birthdays & Anniversaries etc, Tasks, Contacts, plus almost any other plugins you like in a very customisable form

SBSH Pocket Weather

Speaks for itself really

SBSH ILauncher

Program & almost anything else launcher with batter/memory etc meters

Wisbar Lite

Small footprint task manager and real close button


E reader


For those who like to read books on their PDAs


Keeps all your information - registration codes, passwords, account nos etc encryped

List Pro

Good for people who like making lists (and then ignoring them!)

SPB Backup

Essential item - in theory backup every day when things are OK, keep several days of self restoring backups on your SD card, that way when you install something that stuffs everything up, you can just revert to your latest 'good' setup and off you go

SPB GPRS Monitor

I know the unlimited GPRS makes this a bit redundant, but it also gives speed of download, time left on battery, and it's just so great to work out how much you WOULD have been paying for all that lovely data.

SPB Finance

Very easy and intuitive way to keep track of how much you spend etc


Invaluable tool for cleaning up your system and getting it to run faster and smoother.


On board dictionary, thesaurus, and crossword/anagram solver.

Journal Pro

If you like to keep a Diary in the old fashioned sense of the word.

PocketMax AlarmToday

If you really, absolutely have to get wake up calls, reminders, etc then this cleared up all the non-ocurring alarms for me on my system. This has solved the problem for me on my WM2003SE machine and now on my Vario II WM5.

Hope this gives you somewhere to start looking, but part of the fun is trying out new software, most give a trial period. Remember, backup first, then if anything goes wrong, just restore.

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Guest randomelements

Another vote for SPB Pocket Plus. I was using Magic Button but the options with this are s much better. The additional control you get with PIE is great.

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Ive also found that pocket Music is worth it but they have a free version with most of the features so not sure about it.


Also got free with my vario II SPB GPRS monitor which while redundant now that i have unlimited data is nice to have and usefull to see how much im actually using. Being an SPB product it integrates very well with Pocket Plus. (Pocket plus and SPB Diary really are a must they have transformed how i use my vario for me)

Come to the conclusion that i use 7-12 mb a day with my emails being checked every 15 mins on my yahoo pop3 accounts and quite a bit of web browsing via 3g (with HSDPA yay!)

never going to get anywhere near that 2gb figure of fair use (unless i really start downloading lots of podcasts!?) im not likely to use the web any more than i am currently or use email more (not sure that is even possible!! :D). so that 2gb figure is really good for me.


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If you are planning to do a lot of surfing, I recommend the Thunderhawk browser. It is expensive at about 30 pounds a year but if you want the desktop experinece rather than the reformatted experience offered by browsers such as Opera etc, then this is the browser to go for!

Negative points are that it isn't as fast as Opera or PIE nor does it make full use of the keyboard.

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Now on to games other than actual software like SPB diary etc what PAID for games would you reccomend

Ill start SPB air islands

and JAMDAT Worms World Party 1.04 (AKA PC version is Worms 5) (amazing game (exactly like the pc version we all love)

Most of the other games i have are freeware but SuperDoku 1.1 is amazing and very very well programmed. so is freecell


PS not really liking the idea of thunderhawk at all

PIE with SPB pocket plus extensions is really good and opera mini is fantastic (and free) as well i think that would do all my surfing needs really

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