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Can i connect to 3g while Activesyncing?

Guest glbsolutions

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Guest randomelements

Exactly, it uses ActiveSync's pass-through connection.

I have heard rumours of problems with pass through in ActiveSync 4.2 so if it doesn't work you could try settings the following reg key on your PC:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services\AllowLSP = 0 (dword)

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Guest jimbouk

If you are connected to a work network, your server may be limiting what you can connect to. Unless your IT guys remove some of the restrictions, you will not be able to connect to pop mail and msn etc. You can then unselect the passthrough option and your 3g connection "should" then work.

If its a home lan then it should be default allow all web activity to pass through.

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