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Hermes hangs when switching orientation

Guest theroadwarrior

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Guest theroadwarrior

Problem thats been bugging me on my varioII since i got it;

I have the right soft button set to 'new sms', so what i often do is press this in portrait mode, then flip the KB out to type the sms.. now the screen view flips really quick, almost instantly in fact- but it seems the keyboard/system takes longer to respond. Sometimes i start typing and nothing happens, the keys arnt registered, other times the letters will appear after a delay (5 to 30 seconds) and other times its as if the application has lost 'focus', the soft buttons dont respond and all i can do is hit the windows hardware button.

Anyone had anything similar?

BTW; all i have installed is;

Pocket Informant 2007



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similiar but not the same

ive got SPB diary and SPB pocket plus installed and also use the soft key for new sms

it takes a couple of seconds max on mine if i do what you described but never longer than that. And the keys are always responsive.

so its unlikely to be the vario more likely to be software related (spb diary 2.0 is majorly speeded up maybe informant isnt as fast) just a guess though


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