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A few questions...

Guest rossy

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Am loving my new M3100 and was hoping someone could answer a few questions for me.... please!

1. when adding a contact, how can you change the display format to first name last name. I can't see an option in the menu.

2. can you turn the screen to landscape without the keyboard pulled out?

3. does it make any difference if you install apps to storage card rather than phone memory?

I'm sure I will no doubt add a few more questions over the next few days!



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Guest Laser_iCE

I really don't want to be the one to say this (again), but it appears you registered here a long time ago, so it would have been good if you did a quick search on the forum before this post... These questions are answered time and time again for each different device.

1. Not without a third party app.

2. Yes, in the Screen settings. (or via third party app such as SPB Pocket Plus)

3. Depends on the application (WM5torage for example obviously would not work if you installed it onto the Storage Card, and GPS programs such as Tom Tom and Destinator are simply way too large to install to the phone memory.). To save on space, most people install most applications to the Storage Card. It just comes down to common sense.

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