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i300 Processor Speed

Guest NoNafs

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I've been comparing different smartphones recently and took an interest in the i300 bc of its processor speed. Its clocked at 412 mhz which is over twice as fast as other smartphones with the texas instruments processors clocked at 200 mhz. I haven't noticed any comments on this though, is the phone really that much faster than other smartphones or is the os build quality higher, any comments concerning this would be appreciated.

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Guest DingsDaT

Yes your right - it got its ups and downs!

But see: i buyed one for 150 bucks, plus BT Headset Stereo

So i got 3 GB Memorey (plus 512 mb for 13 euros)

Got an BT Stereo Headset witch is working perfectly

The XDA Phone, with WM5 is inactably for me, because no wirless lan for that price, i got no money for extra 2 GB Sd Card, also the 4 GB Sd card is not compatible to 100 % (and not in selling)

with 2 accus, i got well good around one or two days, and when you not stock in outland, you could recharge the phone -

well for 150 bucks a good smartphone, with bugs. But Not only bugs!

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