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Using signal boosters with Hermes

Guest FlyFox

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Not strictly Hermes-related, but...

I am looking to get he Vario II or SPV M3100, but O2 is the only network near me that has good reception - Orange and T-Mobile are very poor (1 bar, maybe 2 bars on a good day)

Has anyone used one of these signal booster devices (example here) and would you say they are likely to work on a Hermes? How much signal boost can I expect?

It looks like it's either that, or I wait for O2 to release a similar PDA phone and a half decent data tariff, which doesn't seem likely anytime soon from what I understand.

Cheers all


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My experience of those things is that they don't actually work as advertised. in my opinion there is a reason why you never see them advertised in big shops of phone shops.

I mean come on for 95p what are you actually expecting. although if I'm wrong ill gladly eat my hat as I tried one of those type of things out a long time ago.

let us know how it goes and post back here


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I love the descriptions from these things

"The Signal Booster captures stray static electricity around your phone and focuses it back to the signal, dramatically improving reception."

Now - what is the last thing you want around delicate electronic equipment. Yep - you guessedit - static electricity!

Seriously - if these things worked the phone manufacturers would fit them wouldn't they?

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