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Any developers looking for a project? ;)

Guest Snoopstah

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Guest Snoopstah

Here's a neat idea I had last night...

An application that detects when the phone is brought out of standby mode (i.e. PDA function switched on), takes a sample image from the front-mounted camera, and sets the backlight level accordingly (i.e. if the camera gives a dark image, set the backlight low, and if it gives a bright image, set it high).

A few possible issues to get around would be disabling the auto-exposure control on the camera (maybe), allowing the user to select what level of camera brightness related to what level of screen brightness (i.e. if it was really bright, it could assume I was outdoors and disable the backlight completely as it's useless in that situation). Also issues of moving from a dark environment to a light environment - maybe sample the camera every few seconds, but then battery usage would be significant, and you'd have to disable it when a video call came in...

Has anyone actually managed to do anything (other than video calls) with the front camera at all yet?

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